Skoda Kushaq LIVE Unveil -

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MotorOctane महीने पहले
Skoda Kushaq Walkaround is uploaded
Amit Hardikar
Amit Hardikar महीने पहले
Like for Mr. Zac
Shazwack महीने पहले
Looks like Hatchback
Pankaj Kadam
Pankaj Kadam महीने पहले
Diesel engines must be continue
Karthik Balan
Karthik Balan महीने पहले
Dct gear box is not reliable and won't be good in bumper to bumper traffic. Skoda should have given the torque converter instead of dct.😔
Prasoon Singh
Prasoon Singh महीने पहले
himanshu agnihotri
himanshu agnihotri महीने पहले
Indian customers sadly prefer panoramic sunroof over a superbly built Skoda!! Sad
Chandra Mohan
Chandra Mohan महीने पहले
Hope this would be another money machine for Skoda
Aaa ggg
Aaa ggg महीने पहले
Flpp hogi ye 100% , old style design n looks 👎
Atharv Hadawale
Atharv Hadawale महीने पहले
Waah sir waah!!!! Aap toh Bade heavy driver nikle....... 😁😁😁
Arunesh Singh
Arunesh Singh महीने पहले
Creta is still the best car after this . I feel that 😍😍😍😍
@KY 👍
KY महीने पहले
agree.... dimensions, mileage , diesel option on highway, after sales service, Hundai network and spare parts pricing..... hundai is the boss of all foreign companies..
Abhinav Jamwal
Abhinav Jamwal महीने पहले
Alloys are very ugly
Viraj Thakur
Viraj Thakur महीने पहले
No panoramic sunroof ?? This sucks man !!! I've been waiting for this car for more than 6 months. I'm convinced that skoda doesn't want Indians to buy their cars. Was expecting a mini karoq. The infotainment looks cheap!!
Viraj Thakur
Viraj Thakur महीने पहले
Just the shade not the roof.
Viraj Thakur
Viraj Thakur महीने पहले
@Shreyas S @Shreyas S broo.. aren't we Indians entitled to some luxury features ?? Well I love driving in the rain.. and that panoramic sunroof would ve been a good feature in that car.
Shreyas S
Shreyas S महीने पहले
You talk as if you always keep the panoramic sunroof open to collect the dust. Sunroof in india is not very useful. Atleast it has a sunroof....
Front luks not that aggressive like Rear. Black Roof is not there.
Rohan Sawant
Rohan Sawant महीने पहले
25:25 is what u are waiting for
Himanshu Mehta
Himanshu Mehta महीने पहले
Mind-blowing..great job skoda
Divyanshu Pandey
Divyanshu Pandey महीने पहले
Bhai ik video toh banti h iss gaadi pr 🙏😘😘
rajan arora
rajan arora महीने पहले
Sirf petrol mein aayi toh Super flop hogi
Upendra Pandey DABBU
Upendra Pandey DABBU महीने पहले
क्या डीजल में आएगी??
KY महीने पहले
nope, highway par petrol ki gaadi horrible...😭😭😭
Jack Bond
Jack Bond महीने पहले
No prices given, no booking dates given, no avilibility dates given , 1.5 years ka lamba intzaar
Abhinav Baliarsingh
Abhinav Baliarsingh महीने पहले
Hope they don't overprice it with greed....
Anant Arya
Anant Arya महीने पहले
Ek ek jana ek like tho de hi sakta h 😂😂😂😂😂 C'mon guys...aapko gadi dikhayenge hum.... 😂😂😂😂 Mazaa aa gya... gadi dekhne se pahle hi
Surjiban Behera
Surjiban Behera महीने पहले
Skoda India high service cost, lack of availability of spare parts and poorly skilled service engineers are the reasons why customers are ignoring this amazing brand... Would love to own one, if these factors are taken care of.
Shantanu Inamdar
Shantanu Inamdar महीने पहले
The front look is very disappointing. This is not an off roader SUV, I was hoping more Kamiq station wagon and less silly Indian SUV design. Really disappointed with this look. The guy who designed the Kamiq, also designed this, he must be crying for what he had to do to his design to please the Indian customers, who want silly design gimmicks, instead of an elegant simple design. This is not European, this looks more like a Suzuki Brezza from the front
Arshad Ahmed
Arshad Ahmed महीने पहले
Driven by a thank you.
CK महीने पहले
"Maintaince"Left the chat
Anirudh Addanki
Anirudh Addanki महीने पहले
Anirudh Addanki
Anirudh Addanki महीने पहले
@KY but it's Skoda 🤷, expecting it to be at least a lakh or 2 costlier imo
KY महीने पहले
should be less than Creta, as it is smaller in all dimensions
AutoHeadRoy महीने पहले
Ek ek jana..ek ek like..hahah. that really cracked me up Rachit!
Palamuri Abbayi Bhanu
Palamuri Abbayi Bhanu महीने पहले
Waiting for the video
Kshitij Vedak
Kshitij Vedak महीने पहले
It's just sad that people are concerned over kushaq not having a panoramic sunroof.. I wonder what Indians staying in tropic atmosphere do with a panoramic sunroof.. It just a feel good feature and this car has a sunroof anyways.. Its not panoramic agreed, but we can look at the other features, built quality, safety and main: the engine.. 115ps and 175nm is a very good displacement for 1.0TSI engine.. Also 1.5 engine has a DSG transmission which is technologically advanced.. Waiting for the pricing and variants now.. Lovely car.. Anyways, it's Skoda so it'll be priced premium and not aggressive.
Rishabh Jain
Rishabh Jain महीने पहले
In India sunroof sell more than engine and build quality bro. People compare size , sunroof and touch screen size for buying a car in India. Hyundai gave panaromic sunroof to Creta and made it invincible. 😑
Kshitij Vedak
Kshitij Vedak महीने पहले
@Sirsendu Karna I know that.. I work in automotive industry since 2016, my friend.. Sunroof is a feel good feature I agree; but do you know, how often people use sunroof here in Indian climate? Hardly.. Im not saying this. It's a survey of automotive media houses. Try reading it online, if you can.. It's not a feature on which a car can be judged, is all I'm saying looking at the comments in the comments section of this video..
Sirsendu Karna
Sirsendu Karna महीने पहले
Sunroof has nothing to do with tropical climate or places..By that logic Sunroof is of no use in polar climate..snowfall. Sunroof is a feel good feature and people are looking for that option
Gaurav Shelar
Gaurav Shelar महीने पहले
Kia seltos.. ☹️
Gaurav Shelar
Gaurav Shelar महीने पहले
@Adarsh Bhavsar??
Adarsh Bhavsar
Adarsh Bhavsar महीने पहले
Tin can😂
Nick 99
Nick 99 महीने पहले
Please keep the prices in competition with kia seltos and mg hector . If the prices go high up like kodiaq or karoq It will lye down in your stock yards only Indian market is price sensitive and skoda resale value is near to nill
Jitender Ghangas
Jitender Ghangas महीने पहले
Seem Skoda not very confident about Kushaq. Didn't share much of the details. It felt repeat of information already in public domain.
Hello darkness my old friend
Hello darkness my old friend महीने पहले
Chaahe kitni bhi shaandaar gaadi le aaye koi company... logon sirf hyundai dealerships mein jaake 60k to 1 lac ki accessories khareedni hain aur 3 3 4 4 mahine ki waiting ke baad whi creta uthaani hai jo har kisi ke tau chacha mama bhateeje maali kutte padosi akhbaar waale aur dudhwale ke paas hai...haan aur woh bhi uber drivers waale spec mein chaahie
Rishabh Jain
Rishabh Jain 23 दिन पहले
@KY VW ne khud hi jhumla kiya diesel ka ni to bahaut log hai aaj bhi VW diesel wish karte hai. Top model creta ke jitne features ni honge par driving will be world apart..
Hello darkness my old friend
Hello darkness my old friend महीने पहले
@KY creta ki baat ho rhi hai....buggati Chiron ya 765lt ki nahi jo kabhi dekhi nahi kabhi baitha nahin aur comment krne aagaya mein
KY महीने पहले
bhai tere pass top model ho to baat Kar..... naach na jaane, aangan thedha....
Rishabh Jain
Rishabh Jain महीने पहले
@Hello darkness my old friend ni karna chahiye tha aisa to aaj skoda diesel mein bhi launch hoti
Abhinav Singh
Abhinav Singh महीने पहले
@Hello darkness my old friend 🤣🤣🤣🤣 isliye target 1lakh cars ka hai upto 2025
ADITYA K महीने पहले
Is this sub 4m?
Rishabh Jain
Rishabh Jain महीने पहले
No its more than 4 mtr but smaller than creta and seltos
Kunal Dwari
Kunal Dwari महीने पहले
I hope this is priced well and around Seltos/Creta. Then it will create huge success for Skoda.
Siddharth Sumesh
Siddharth Sumesh महीने पहले
Everyone said that when i20 2020 was launched everyone told that altroz will have more sales now but it didn’t, it’s not easy to deafest a Hyundai like creta in sales 😉
Swapnil महीने पहले
@Kunal Dwari You are right but the brand value affect the actual price in VW and Skoda products. I hope they will launch it with competitive price tag as you say. If the price difference is nearly 50k than creta still its a very good safe choice, you just need to compromise with service network.
Kunal Dwari
Kunal Dwari महीने पहले
@Swapnil Also this time they have 95% localisation, so it will be a opportunity loss for them if fail to attract Creta and Seltos buyers.
Kunal Dwari
Kunal Dwari महीने पहले
@Swapnil Yes, I am aware. Still hoping that they will start their 1 Ltr manual pricing where Creta or seltos diesel model start which is little above 10 Lacs ex showroom.
Swapnil महीने पहले
No bro, they already said it will come with a little premium price tag in segment. So obviously it will cost above Seltos/Creta nearly Harrier or Jeep compass.
The Stealth
The Stealth महीने पहले
All the comments asking for a panoramic sunroof 😂😂😂 Skoda has much to offer than a sunroof !!! Dsg on 1.5l engine ....just wow’s enough for me cuz I don’t have any doubt on build quality
Amogh 4 दिन पहले
Finally someone who notices other features!
Ankit Pandey
Ankit Pandey महीने पहले
Sunroof has to be the most overhyped feature.
ADITYA K महीने पहले
It is.. panaromic is alright though
Divyanshu S
Divyanshu S महीने पहले
The rear looks slightly different from the concept. Wished they had retained it.
Sumit Bhandare
Sumit Bhandare महीने पहले
Panoramic sunroof dena chahiye at least in one variant
Jack Bond
Jack Bond महीने पहले
Koi use nahi sunroof ka , ek mahine baad boring ho jata hai
Yash Cuncolcar
Yash Cuncolcar महीने पहले
Indians and their love for Panaromic sunroof never end, people will continue buying Creta for this one reason Disappointing ☹️
yash kaulkarni
yash kaulkarni महीने पहले
We want a comparison between my hector and Skoda kushaq
Sazad Alam
Sazad Alam महीने पहले
Back seat pr 3 head rest 👍
Pratyay Zare
Pratyay Zare महीने पहले
Now......the OPness or Bakwassness of this car is depend on how aggresively it will be priced!!
Piyush Quicker
Piyush Quicker महीने पहले
It has body similarity of Audi SUV
The Stealth
The Stealth महीने पहले
Q2 ?
abhishek j
abhishek j महीने पहले
What a shame, after this much of waiting price is not revealed yet. Shame skoda India 😖
Deepak Dhikale
Deepak Dhikale महीने पहले
Loved this expecting price between 10 L to 14L.. for sure
Hello darkness my old friend
Hello darkness my old friend महीने पहले
Best engine best gearbox best driving dynamics in the segment........usse koi matlab nahin...uber drivers be like peeche 3 sawaari aaengi kyaa....fati hui chatt milegi kyaaa....360 degree camera milega kyaa kyunki humse itni choti gaadi bhi park nahi ho paaegi.... lol 😂😆
pappu gandhi
pappu gandhi महीने पहले
abbe loda bolero loo tum😂😂😂
Hello darkness my old friend
Hello darkness my old friend महीने पहले
@vikrant gupta taigun and kushaq will have the best powertrain and dynamics package in the segment.... without any doubt
vikrant gupta
vikrant gupta महीने पहले
Then aapke according kaunsi car hai best engine best driving dynamics best gearbox wali?😀
FuseGamer महीने पहले
No virtual cockpit?
chandan singh
chandan singh महीने पहले
Awaiting valuable review from you on same.....
Jay N
Jay N महीने पहले
what is Indias obsession with panoramic roof? Least used most overhyped feature
r g
r g महीने पहले
@The Stealth 😂😂😂😂
Ajin Shan
Ajin Shan महीने पहले
@The Stealth exactly dude
The Stealth
The Stealth महीने पहले
They’re gonna pop out their head and take selfies 😂😂
r g
r g महीने पहले
Damn it! You spoke my mind.
VSK महीने पहले
People ll buy creta seltos tins only. Sad truth. Because they value panoramic sunroof more than ride, comfort, handling and their life too..
Farhan Hasin
Farhan Hasin महीने पहले
EDM TOH OP HAIN GAADI BHI OP Cheers for kushaq in the house🔥🔥🔥
NITHIN S महीने पहले
Release date?
Khubaib महीने पहले
PARTH PATEL महीने पहले
Old Creta look lover should definitely like this looks of Kushaq
Princeton Colaco
Princeton Colaco महीने पहले
No panaromic sunroof, no electric parking brakes, no price, no 360degree camera. Felt short of expectations.
Princeton Colaco
Princeton Colaco महीने पहले
@Adarsh Bhavsar tsi+ dag is offered in 1.5 litre engine ......I hope it's priced wisely
Abhishek Ã
Abhishek à महीने पहले
I think such features will be offered in tigun for making difference
Adarsh Bhavsar
Adarsh Bhavsar महीने पहले
Who cares about sunroof. Tsi + DSG is all we need💪💪
r g
r g महीने पहले
Princeton, i think the price will be revealed in may & deliveres start in july.
A.D. Roye
A.D. Roye महीने पहले
Loved the design! Need to know more ! Not having a Panaromic sunroof is NO DEAL for me! U don't really need one in India! Wonder how it seat 3 ppl in the rear, the width is lesser than Nexon!
Ashish S
Ashish S महीने पहले
Skoda calls it King but dimensions less than the competition and also will be exp than Korean cars. Should see reviews before making up my mind.
The Stealth
The Stealth महीने पहले
Two in rear !!! Three will be difficult !!
r g
r g महीने पहले
Yup, better for 2 people at back for longer run's.
The KUSHAQ seems promising but Skoda should strictly consider and improve there maintenance and after sales . Though in recent times they have improved it a bit but still it requires a thought because the segment in which KUSHAQ is gonna enter is a red hot one and it's not at all easy to beat CRETA & SELTOS!
Shazwack महीने पहले
This one looks like Hatchback
Anant Dhond
Anant Dhond महीने पहले
I absolutely second that...they produce quality cars but their after sales service and maintenance should cater to Indian standards and expectations majorly with respect to cost
Gaurav Dubey
Gaurav Dubey महीने पहले
rons kurian6121988
rons kurian6121988 महीने पहले
What about price..if it's on road price 15 to 18 ok....
ankush matta
ankush matta महीने पहले
Skoda ko Indian customers ki samjh Kam h shayad
ankush matta
ankush matta महीने पहले
@Arvind Chandantin can ki bajaye apne profit margin Kam rakhne chahiye
Arvind Chandan
Arvind Chandan महीने पहले
Skoda should offer something like tin cans...
Pratik nirupam Das
Pratik nirupam Das महीने पहले
I was waiting for this Car No Panaromic Sunroof🙄🙄 big disappointment
Fahad Khan
Fahad Khan महीने पहले
No Panromic Sunroof.... Wowww... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Car Project
Car Project महीने पहले
Starting Price should be around 6lakh
Ankit Pandey
Ankit Pandey महीने पहले
@The Stealth you sure?
The Stealth
The Stealth महीने पहले
8.6 to 14.9 Edit : my predictions
Ankit Pandey
Ankit Pandey महीने पहले
Shabash bhai. Bohot sahi
Pratyay Zare
Pratyay Zare महीने पहले
bhaisaab...kuchh jyada nahi ho gaya....nahi matlab kuchhbhi.....600k to reparing cost hoga😂😂
aditya shah
aditya shah महीने पहले
No. Panaromic sunroof!! Doesn't make sense. If u call it king but don't give it the crown
r g
r g महीने पहले
Why do you want a panaromic in a tropical country like india..?? I understand its subjective, but there's no logic in it. How many times have you rolled down your car windows. If you're driving in urban areas, I bet, you can't even open the sunroof coz, there's lot of pollution & dust. The more glass area you have, the more the heat in your car cabin. Its simply overhyped feature, makes no sense here.
Ghost Gaming
Ghost Gaming महीने पहले
Sir price kya aya hai iska
akhil walavalkar
akhil walavalkar महीने पहले
Lack of Panoramic Sunroof is the biggest let down I feel.. rest was fine.. disappointed ☹️☹️ I guess they are using the Seltos Creta model... Taigun will offer the pano sunroof just to keep interest open in both options... Not a good strategy frankly..
Devanand Shaji
Devanand Shaji महीने पहले
RIP creta and seltos
Vicky Gupta
Vicky Gupta महीने पहले
Background music was just so damn good!
Rohit Reviews
Rohit Reviews महीने पहले
No Panoramic Sunroof for 15-20 Lacs??? 😲😲😲
Rohit Reviews
Rohit Reviews महीने पहले
It might start around 14L ex-showroom and Sunroof version will come over 16L model. On-road price would be around 20L for Sunroof models imo. I maybe wrong, but its a SKODA.
Amogh महीने पहले
The estimated price is 9 to 15 lakhs
Divyanshu S
Divyanshu S महीने पहले
No leak suggested that it would be priced this high
Fukfuk boi
Fukfuk boi महीने पहले
Arey price to batao
Pratap Patil
Pratap Patil महीने पहले
Bakwas gadi
Mukesh Katara
Mukesh Katara महीने पहले
Sir abi video bano isa pr abi hindi m
Above All
Above All महीने पहले
Alloys to Ecosport S varient wale h 🤘
Amaan Desai
Amaan Desai महीने पहले
Shakti S
Shakti S महीने पहले
Is it compact SUV or competes with creta?
The Stealth
The Stealth महीने पहले
I compared dimensions of both Kushaq is shorter , less wider than creta But wheelbase is longer than creta ( much longer ) I expect good leg space and good front and rear seats thigh support , but not wide rear seat
Nizahar Shariff
Nizahar Shariff महीने पहले
In Size it competes with Creta May undercut Creta In Price
Shakti S
Shakti S महीने पहले
Seltos Vs kushaq
The Stealth
The Stealth महीने पहले
Premium tin can for me !!
Amogh महीने पहले
Pratyay Zare
Pratyay Zare महीने पहले
kushaq !
Ankush Sasmal
Ankush Sasmal महीने पहले
no Panaromic Sunroof??
33 Shivansh Mehra 7B
33 Shivansh Mehra 7B महीने पहले
yes only a normal electric sunroof.....
PRATIK B. महीने पहले
Beat the heat and f*ck it😂😂
ankush matta
ankush matta महीने पहले
Creta base or nexon mid se sasti hogi to dhoom macha degi
ankush matta
ankush matta महीने पहले
@Prakash Chandra Sharma company ka kehna the creta segment me launch kar rahi h compass k samne karoq utari hui h already
Prakash Chandra Sharma
Prakash Chandra Sharma महीने पहले
@ankush matta itni sasti nahi hogi bhai, Jeep compass ko competition deti hai, usse thodi si ho kam price hogi, Nexon ke top se bhi mahangi. Khud hi socho
ankush matta
ankush matta महीने पहले
@Pratyay Zare sense ye h ki Skoda loha hi bech rahi h sona nahi bech rahi h
ankush matta
ankush matta महीने पहले
@Pratyay Zare 15 lakh me milegi toh bik jayegi mutthi bhar ye Europe nhi h India h.. Dukan band karke bhagna padega kuch saalo me
Pratyay Zare
Pratyay Zare महीने पहले
@ankush matta koi sense hai is baat ki!?
KöûshīK Rãjú
KöûshīK Rãjú महीने पहले
The Boot space is low in its segment
Athrav Narwadkar
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